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  • Aggregation of reviews about your business from different sources
    Aggregation of reviews about your business from different sources

    We increase one of the main quality indicators of the commercial site - users trust. Trust means whether the user is ready to trust the web-site with money, personal data, etc. We increase the trust of potential buyers to your web-site by collecting and publishing reviews of your customers about your business, even those posted on external resources or social networks.

  • Convenience

    Reviews and comments in the widget are visible and adapted for mobile devices. Commentary can be left anonymously (by specifying e-mail), or by logging in from an account in social networks. The user is notified by e-mail when his comment or review has an answer. We bring the users back to your website.


  • Involvement in discussion
    Involvement in discussion

    We offer users to express emotions not with the help of smileys, but through GIF animation, just like in Skype and Viber. We are the only system that offers GIF video and the ability to create thematic GIF packages for your audience (sports, children, women, etc.). Your comments and reviews will be very vivid and emotional!


  • Everything on one page
    Everything on one page

    Collect comments from several sections of your website on one page. Import comments from your VKontakte community into the comments feed on your site.
    GetRate Innovation - collect comments master feed based on virtual pages.

  • Load speed
    Load speed

    Thanks to modern technologies, the speed of load of the reviews or comments widget does not exceed 500 milliseconds. Important! Our widget does not violate the order of loading the main elements of the page (in terms of search engines).

  • Costs

    We offer two approaches: a monthly subscription fee or a write-off of points from the balance for published and approved posts. If your client had published a review at you site, and you did not delete it within three days, a point will be written off your balance.

    This is an innovation of service which is not provided by our competitors. It is beneficial to sites where users irregularly leave few reviews. For example, sites of construction companies, etc.

View of the reviews about the company

This is how product reviews look like

This is how the Reviews Form Designer looks



  • Liteno monthly feefor offline business
    - One site, two moderators
    - Synchronization of reviews with Vk and Fb social networks
    - Antispam (Google Captcha)
    - Adding images to a review
    - Gif video instead of smileys
    - Direct moderation of reviews on the site page
    - Checking the email of anonymous commentators for authenticity and availability in spam databases
    - Backing up all comments from your site
    1.8 $ monthly
    Buy NowAnd get 30 days for free
  • Personal$9.99 per monthfor online stores
    - Up to 5 sites, up to 5 moderators
    - On-line constructor of feedback and rating forms
    - Ability to display (aggregate) reviews from product cards on a separate page
    - Viber-bot for post-sales customer survey (up to 500 per month)
    - Up to 10 API requests per second
    - Web-push notifications of replies to your post
    - Installation of the GetRate widget (on a separate page of your site)
    5.9 $ monthly
    Buy NowAnd get 30 days for free
  • Professional$21 per monthfor developers of online stores, SMM and SEO professionals, Internet marketers
    - White label for the partners
    - Priority support and help in configuration and installing the widget
    - Spam protection from Akismet (paid account)
    - Viber-bot for post-sale customer survey (up to 1000)
    - Unlimited requests per API per second
    - Individual design. Ability to upload your CSS
    - Import of posts from external sources (Amazon,, Ebay, Ikea ...)
    27 $ monthly
    Buy NowAnd get 30 days for free

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