Example of how comment widget works

Capabilities and innovations of the comment widget for sites:

  • Simple authorization (via login / password or via social network) for both users and administrators or moderators, without the need to log in every time (as the system remembers you on this site).
  • Simple adjustment of the color solution of the widget from the Getrate admin panel. It is also possible to change the font of comments and their size. Our system can be most fully and simply customized for the design of your website.
  • Import from your comment feeds in VK to your website. What is published in your feed in VK is automatically duplicated in the comments on the website.
  • Two-way synchronization with the reviews on Google My Business page. Regular updates of Google My Business page also positively affects ranking of the website in Google (for professional packages).
  • Possibility to create thematic packages of GIF video (sports, news, politics, music), making the comments more vivid.
  • The real search indexing. We save comments or reviews in the HTML code of the page. Search robots will see that the page content is updated regularly. Plugin for WordPress can be downloaded at the following link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B95vE1yBfTFAYTEtcmdTUE5FQzA
  • Improving the behavioral factors on your site in terms of search engines. Updating the content of the page where the widget is installed.
  • Verification of the e-mail indicated by the author of the post when registering. The verification includes:
    • Syntax validation (compliance with IETF RFC certificates);
    • DNS check, including searching for MX records;
    • Connection verification and check of SMTP connection;
    • Detection of temporary inaccessibility;
    • Verification of mailbox existence;
    • Catch-All Testing;
    • Gray list detection;
    • Automatic repeat for gray addresses;
    • Automatic removal of duplicates;


We also plan to install the service to check email for spam databases (for personal package and the packages of higher levels).





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