GetRate Capabilities

Our service innovation is the ability to collect, by import, posts from your pages / communities in social networks or reviews of your service on thematic sites (this can be an aggregator of reviews about hotels and restaurants, such as, or another resource). The visitor receives important information about your service from reliable sources, browsing the pages of your website. The opinion of other buyers or those who used the services is often decisive.

We offer the best solution for various e-commerce areas.

You can install:

- Comments widget. The text area without additional fields, and an opportunity for the author of the post to attach an image and select a gif video from the provided options to add emotion to the comment.

COMMENT EXAMPLE and response to a comment with an attached image.

- Reviews widget. The structure of the widget contains the fields "likes / advantages" or "dislike / disadvantages" and the ability to score from 1 to 5 points (stars). The average score is calculated, as well as the number of reviews and the number of responses to the reviews is indicated.

REVIEW EXAMPLE with an attached image.


To verify the e-mail, we use paid service (we check whether all the e-mail addresses indicated by the authors of the posts are real or absent in spam databases).
In addition to crossposting in social networks, we added the option to share a page in Viber and Telegram, and this feature is relevant to anyone who uses mobile devices to view your website.

Opportunities for administrators

  • Multi-language comments and reviews widget. You can choose the language suitable for your website in the system admin panel.
  • Adaptability to all screen resolutions, platforms, and devices.
  • The ability to leave anonymous comments (can be turned off by the owner of the resource), as well as being authorized through social networks. For all anonymous users who leave the post without logging in through a social network we provide Google Captcha and verification of the entered e-mail  validity.
  • Unlimited commentary text length (can be adjusted by the administrator)
  • Users’ personal pages with full statistics: rating, utility, level of credibility (under construction).
  • "Like" button for comments and reviews in combination with the lack of "dislikes." This allows you to implement Rich snippets (extended descriptions of web pages in the SERP).

  • Ability to share the page where the comment was posted in VK, Facebook, Twitter and Viber.

  • Notification of users about answers, assessments, and reactions to the comment (a function for returning the user to the website).

  • The function of creating / assigning N + moderators, which can be called anything, like Customer Service, Company Representative, Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov.
  • Create your own GIF video corresponding to the theme of your resource (sports, children, medicine, news, etc.)
  • The function of enabling / disabling comments and comments pre-moderation. In this case, the user will see a message that his comment will be published after verification by the moderator.

What differs GetRate from other systems

  • Link to the user account, logged in to create a comment through the social network. This increases the credibility of the left comment / review.
  • The ability to create a "Master Feed", which collects comments from various sections of the site.  You can create a "questions and answers" section consisting of several topics such as "delivery", "discount program", "questions about the product / products №".
  • Function of importing posts and comments from social networks to your website.
  • Work with the visitors’ comments directly from the page of the website. Administrator or moderators log into the system by using their accounts and can perform necessary actions (delete, mark as spam, approve, etc.) directly on the website.

  • Exporting comments in JSON or XML format is available for all packages and free versions. It is performed from the service admin panel.
  • The ability to import comments from any sources and other services, such as Disqus, Hyppercomments, Cackle, any self-developed content management systems and review sites.
  • Creating your own thematic packages with GIF animation for different resources.
  • Several options for the location of the widget on the site page (at the bottom, in the right or left column of the page) (for Professional plan).
  • Opportunity to change colors and fonts by using the widget admin panel. The first comment system where you can customize the design in accordance with the design of your site not involving programmers.


Functionality for mobile devices and search networks

  • Adaptability to any mobile device.
  • High speed widget download, optimized with CDN.


You can get more information about the functions by sending a request to and gaining access to the test admin panel.

WordPress Plugin can be downloaded at the following link

We also offer an affiliate program for web studios and site developers as well as themes and site designers.