An example of how review widget works. You can leave your comments and suggestions on this page as well as ask the questions


Capabilities and innovations of the product or service review widget for the site:

  • • Formation of a block of similar products / services based on user reviews.
  • Advertising similar products in the review feed (determined by the tag system).
  • • Display of similar products / services in the "Hot discussion" block which includes the most reviewed products.
  • Verification of e-mail specified by the author of the post when registering.


The verification of commenter e-mails includes:

  • Syntax validation (compliance with IETF RFC standard)
  • DNS check, including searching for MX records
  • Connection verification and check of SMTP connection
  • Detection of temporary inaccessibility
  • Verification of mailbox existence
  • Catch-All Testing
  • Gray list detection
  • Automatic repeat for gray addresses
  • Automatic removal of duplicates

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