Стать партнёром

We offer a partner for webmasters, an affiliate for marketers, and also those who are engaged in promotion in SMM.

For those who want to partner with our company and receive additional and stable income, we offer the following conditions:


A one-time payment is proposed from the transaction amount, while an additional percentage of the customer's repayments is added
For additional motivation, the percentage that the partner receives from the first transaction increases with the number of clients cited

First payment *

    1-20 customers = 20%
20 -100 = 30%
100 -200 = 40%
200 -300 = 45%
more than 300 = discussed individually


Payments are made for all payments within 3 years after the first payment

    up to 100 clients - 10%
more than 300 is discussed individually

* We consider those who have connected any paid package in the current month.
The accounting period for the partner program is a calendar month.
Payments without the minimum threshold (how many are added to the balance sheet and transferred after deducting transaction costs) within 5 working days after the end of the current month on the card.
Other payment options are discussed individually.
To participate in the program you need to register and in the admin panel to generate your affiliate link, which will transfer your customers.
You can post a link to your resource in the review article, make a list of subscribers, etc.
All who register for the affiliate link will be displayed in your admin panel. In the same place, the accruals will also be displayed.
From our side, we will always assist you in connecting, setting up, etc. issues.
We are ready for mutually beneficial and fair partnership and for our part we guarantee quality customer support, help in installing widgets, and advice on the best options / packages for installation.